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Charlotte's economy is robust and diversified. Each major industry is represented, along with plenty of job opportunities. Safire at Matthews is conveniently located near two of the largest employment centers in the metropolitan area - the University Research Park and Uptown Charlotte. In addition, other large employers are in close proximity as well, Bank of America and Duke Energy. Forbes ranked Charlotte #14 on their list of the "30 Best Places for Business and Careers" in 2015, and since 2013, the city has added over 38,000 new jobs.


In Charlotte, there's always something to do, all one needs is the time. Whether going on an outdoor adventure, or a night on the town with friends and family - everyday here will be a blank canvas for great memories. Residents have cute nearby shops and conveniences at their whims. In terms of transit, the Charlotte Area Transportation System (CATS) is nearby, and if one wants to see what lies beyond the horizon, Charlotte International Airport, the eight largest airport in the country, is close. Just be sure to bring your passport.


Charlotte is host to an armada of malls, including SouthPark, Northlake Mall and the Park Road Shopping Center. All three house nearly every major department store, name brand and retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s and Macy’s - you name it, they've got it. And coming soon is the Eastland Mall, a newly announced shopping center that is currently being redeveloped.

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